Welcome to Raivat Kitchen

Raivat Kitchen

Raivat is an old name of one of the oldest mountain of India, Girnar. Located in the foothills of Girnar, Raivat Kitchen is a Cloud Kitchen (delivery based restaurant) that serves the traditional but rare to find dishes in perfect quality of platter boxes.

Lack of variety in the market for traditional Indian cuisine inspired us with the idea of Raivat. Especially Marathi and Rajasthani food dishes are unheard of in the city. Each recipe listed in the menu of Raivat Kitchen is unique yet familiar in its way.

Our Food

Made from the traditional recipe of the various cultures, we very well know the essence of the originality of dishes. Our specialities are Gujarati, Marathi, Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisines.

With our perfect quantity of combo platter boxes, we are suitable for large as well as individual orders. Days of confusion are gone, folks. Just count heads and get perfect quantity platters delivered from Raivat Kitchen.

Before getting started give our FAQ a read.

1. What is the meaning of Raivat?

- Raivat is one of the old names of Girnar.

2. What is Cloud Kitchen?

- Cloud Kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant without any physical dining space. One can order food online form the official site www.raivatkitchen.com

3. What is a platter box?

- Platter box is a perfectly calculated meal for one with food combinations which complement each other.

4. How do I order food?

- One can order food online on www.raivatkitchen.com

5. What about bulk orders?

- We accept bulk orders before 4 hours. And the best part is that each one gets their platter boxes. So no need to serve them differently.

6. What are the cuisines?

- We serve food combo in platter boxes. The cuisines are Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Marathi and other Raivat’s Specials.

7. Is the dine-in facility available?

- We are only accepting delivery orders for now. No dine-in for now.